Careers at Yobi



We are looking for a remote-located DevOps Engineer to join our Silicon Valley based start-up. We are a tech company that is creating AI based software to supplement marketing and communication services.
The successful candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience. This experience will include deploying, automating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and improving systems. These are required to keep backend infrastructure running smoothly. This role requires you to be organized, detail oriented and capable of working well under pressure.
This will involve working in operating systems (Linux), RDBMS management (MySQL, Mongo DB), cloud platforms (Google, AWS, Twilio), web hosting services and more.

Our stack that the successful candidate will work in:

Operating Systems: Ubuntu 14-20
Scripting Skills: Python 2.7 & 3.5, Shell Scripts
Cloud Platforms: Digital Ocean, Twilio, Google Cloud (Speech, Queues, Senders),
AWS: experience using a range of AWS technologies including, EC2, RDS, Workspaces
RDBMS Management Software: MySQL, Mongo DB, Postgress
Website Management: WordPress, GoDaddy, Sendgrid, CloudFlare, Lets Encrypt,
PaaS Services: Docker, CapRover, HaProxy
Software: Slack, Office 365

Desired Skills (Nice to have some of these and a willingness to work on the rest):

We are looking for someone who is a self-classified Linux Guru and lives & breaths SSH. They should also be able to write Bash scripting like it is their native language. Meticulous attention to detail, organization, & effective communication are vital. The successful candidate will need skills that can be scaled up as our startup grows. This will include ongoing documentation as well as analysis of logs, events, and failures to best plan for disasters. Finally, we need a candidate who strives for efficiency as we need someone to make sure AWS doesn’t rob us blind.

Other abilities that are needed to fit with our team:

All our team members are pushing hard to achieve the same goal and we want someone with a similar drive to join us. We are looking for a team player, who easily bounces between the role of coach or student. Our prime candidate will be self-driven and responsible. Someone who takes pride of ownership and can work well under pressure. Knowing how to take a monumental task and break it down into manageable pieces will be important to know how to do. Planning for different outcomes (good or bad) will also be an important quality. We are looking for someone who enjoys hard work and learning. Someone who realizes that failures often come before success. As this a remote position, communication will be key.


As we are based in Silicon Valley, we expect you to be available for meetings during Pacific Time
Please include your GitHub profile if you have one.
More than one position may be filled from this job posting.