Careers at Yobi

IOS Developer

We are looking for a top-skilled Apple specialist to implement a critical role in our company.  The IOS developer’s duties are mainly concentrated around the building and designing of IOS-based applications for Apple devices as well as their integration with back-end services. However, development is just the tip of the iceberg. Even after the app’s launch, these specialists have to maintain code quality, automatization, and organization. The top-skilled professional is expected to have a good grasp of more than one language for the IOS platform, such as Swift or C-Objective. This job also involves working alongside other developers and engineers at different levels of the development cycle.  


  • Develop IOS applications 
  • Work in partnership with cross-functional teams to elaborate, design, and implement new features 
  • Troubleshoot code for edge usability, reliability, and edge cases 
  • Identify and fix bugs, work on app performance 
  • Keep abreast with new technologies; estimate and implement them in order to make app development faster and easier 
  • Use objective-C while developing apps for mobiles and other IOS devices 


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or the other relevant field 
  • Working experience in the related field 
  • Published IOS apps in the application store is preferred 
  • Understanding of the IOS mobile app development cycle 
  • Proficiency in Swift or Objective-C 
  • Familiarity with Core Data, Core Animation, and other IOS frameworks 
  • Familiarity with performance tuning, threading, and offline storage 
  • Ability to connect IOS apps to back-end services 
  • Understanding of UX/UI standards 
  • Familiarity with Apple design principles 
  • Familiarity with C-based libraries is advisable 
  • Experience with Instruments, Shark, and other memory tuning and performance tools 
  • Proficiency with push notifications and cloud message APIs 
  • Optimization and benchmarking skills 
  • Familiarity with Mercurial, Git, SVN, or other versioning tools 
  • Understanding of continuous integration 
  • Superior verbal and written interaction skills 
  • Knack algorithms and their development 
  • Self-motivated 
  • Ability and commitment to solving complicated problems 
  • Ability to flawlessly execute tasks on time 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Creativity 
  • Analytical mind 

Other abilities that are needed to fit with our team:

All our team members are pushing hard to achieve the same goal and we want someone with a similar drive to join us. We are looking for a team player, who easily bounces between the role of coach or student. Our prime candidate will be self-driven and responsible. Someone who takes pride of ownership and can work well under pressure. We are looking for someone who enjoys hard work and learning. A person who realizes that failures often come before success. As this a remote position, communication will be key.


As we are based in Silicon Valley, we expect you to be available for meetings during Pacific Time
Please include your GitHub profile if you have one.
More than one position may be filled from this job posting.