Integrate Pipedrive CRM with Yobi and improve your sales

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Pipedrive integration allows you instantaneous Sync of your contacts with Yobi, it is a two-way flow of data to manage your customer’s relationships seamlessly moving your deals forward way faster.

How do I integrate Pipedrive with yobi?


Step1: Initialing the linking

  • Login to your Yobi account, Under your Settings go to Integrations and select Pipedrive.

  • A popup will show, click on Link.


Step2: Login and installation

  • You will be redirected to the Pipedrive authentication page, Login to your Pipedrive account

  • Click on allow and install to Install Yobi app for Pipedrive.



  • Your integration with Pipedrive is ready to go you can check that it is linked in Settings -> Integrations

Add a contact

  • Adding a contact to yobi is instantaneously synched to Pipedrive and vise versa.

  • To create a contact in Yobi, Under Contacts tab click on the plus button.

  • Fill in your contact’s infos and click on Create.


Unlink Pipedrive from Yobi

  • To unlink Pipedrive integration from Your Yobi account, go to Settings -> Integrations and select Pipedrive.

  • Click on Unlink.