Integrate Yobi WithPipedrive

Sync your contacts and respond from one place.
Save crazy amounts of time communicating with your customers.

Connect your Pipedrive

Plan your sales activities, monitor deals, and manage your client conversations.

Sync Your Contacts

Sync your business phone contacts with your Pipedrive account and never miss updates from your team.

Close More Sales

Upgrade your interactions and start converting potential deals into successful sales.

Benefits of Yobi's Pipedrive Integration.

Sync Pipedrive Contacts

When all of your contact information is stored in one place, it's easier to send a message.

Respond Faster

Yobi makes it easier to keep in touch with people and makes your team more efficient with team features.

Close Faster

Bring work together in channels organized by any team, project, or topic.

Build Trust

You'll be able to communicate regularly with customers making them feel comfortable and valued.

With Yobi you can eliminate your phone bill and your phones, and keep your existing number(s) all for about $30/month. That’s right, say goodbye to the phone company and get rid of all your phones! Yobi wants to build its clientele so for a limited time I can get you connected for free, zip, zilch, nada!
Dr. Ed Zuckerberg
Painless Social Media

Manage your customer relationships seamlessly by syncing your Pipedrive contacts into Yobi.

How do I integrate Pipedrive with Yobi?

Step 1: Link your accounts

  Login to your Yobi account, Under your Settings go to Integrations and select Pipedrive.

  Confirm the connection to start the sync

Step 2: Login and installation

  Once you’re redirected to the Pipedrive authentication page, log in to your Pipedrive account.

  Click “Allow and Install” to install the Yobi app.

Step 3:

  Your integration with Pipedrive is ready to go you can check that it is linked in Settings -> Integrations

Add a contact

  Adding a contact to yobi is instantaneously synched to Pipedrive and vise versa.

  To create a contact in Yobi, Under Contacts tab click on the plus button.

  Fill in your contact’s infos and click on Create.

Unlink Pipedrive from Yobi


  To unlink Pipedrive integration from Your Yobi account, go to Settings -> Integrations and select Pipedrive.

  Click on Unlink.

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