Team chat shouldn’t be a drag

Teamwork often feels like work these days. So we’re building tools to make your team’s life easier. Yobi now has integrated team chat. No more flipping between devices, apps and screens to check in. Chat with your team right inside our phone app.

Bring your team together

In our previous post on our new task management feature we talked about consolidating our task management into Yobi and why it helped us master customer service communication by simplifying our process and broadcasting to-do items efficiently.

But we realized there was a missing ingredient. We needed a quick way to follow up with each other, ask questions and just keep in touch while we worked, without leaving the context of the conversation behind. Team communication is often listed as the number one challenge when working in remote teams. If you are building a team from scratch this becomes even more difficult. Enter Yobi Team Chat.

Shooting the breeze (without the phone)

The logical solution was to build a chat function right into the app. Calls are great but a phone by itself just isn’t enough. Furthermore, teams need flexibility in how they communicate. Not everyone wants to talk on the phone. We can message individuals or a group, and the whole team can even jump into a quick chat to discuss an urgent issue, or just hang out if they want. The best part, is it works on every platform so you can chat with the team wherever you are.

So what makes for effective team communication?

Easy to use

Chat should be easy to use, easy to understand and easy to access. That means conceptually easy and intuitive, as well as a design that is transparent and requires only a few interactions to configure and start using. It should also be easy to scale. Adding and removing users needs to be quick and painless. If any frustration sets in, people will simply stop using the tool. They’ll revert to what is familiar, even if it’s less efficient.


We need to be able to talk one-on-one, or in groups, and switch between the two modes fluidly, letting people jump in and out like a real world conversation. We need to make it obvious who can – and cannot – see what’s going on. It also needs to work with a team of 2 or 20 – or 30 in our case! Notification management is becoming a driver of anxiety, so making sure people can opt out of conversations they don’t need to be in is an important. Your team needs agency when it comes to blocking out the noise.

Works with your team, works anywhere

Small format, web, desktop or tablet, it better work when we need it! Apps that are platform agnostic are simply easier to use. We’ve separated the user experience from the device, by providing that experience on the device they decide to use. That means people will be much more likely to use app in the first place, and your team will gravitate to an app that they know they can easily access on whatever device they prefer, or whichever happens to be on the kitchen table.

Team-building was never easier

With that we set out to create a chat feature that did these three things well. The result is a new tab in the Yobi app. This lets us flip back and forth between customer facing interactions and internal conversations with a single tap or click. This makes following up on open questions incredibly easy, and if a customer is having a problem and one of us doesn’t know the answer, our team is right there waiting to help, and that really feels good. Furthermore, it’s really easy to get your team onto Yobi. Just invite them via email and they can sign-up in minutes!

Managing your team is hard enough without having to manage separate apps for calls, CRM, tasks and team communication. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to build a better business app. A single platform that lets your work more efficiently, and spend more time doing what you love, instead of software management.

Try out our new chat feature today and let us know what you think! We love customer feedback and are always available 24/7 to help you with anything you need. For more information visit or download the app on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

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