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Automate Your CX Strategy With AI

Reimagine top-line processes with a centralized communications platform coupled with CRM integrations, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, Social Media Management, Transcriptions, and Translations, purpose-built for collaboration with your business teams under one amazing platform.

AI Synthetic Agent Assistance

Our AI-powered help agent automatically and accurately answers support questions right out of the gate. Get intelligent suggestions and insights to make informed decisions and achieve your business goals faster than ever before.

Universal Communications

Import and Sync Your Contacts Across Multiple Channels and CRMs with Our AI-Powered Platform. Whether it’s Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom, HubSpot, or any other popular social media channel or CRM, our platform makes it easy to manage all your contacts in one place.

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Optimize Texts

Enhance the clarity and conciseness of your written communication with our Text Reformatting tool, create more engaging content, and maintain a consistent brand identity across all touch points.

Translations For All

Facilitate real-time communications in a variety of languages. With Yobi, breaking down language barriers with clients and colleagues is easy.


Transcription Ease

Tired of manually transcribing customer support calls? Let our advanced AI transcription technology do the work for you. Our transcriptions are fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Yobi is a godsend to our startup. We needed a robust communications tool to connect with our customers that unified our phone, text, and social media channels into one convenient spot. It needed to be powerful yet simple enough for our whole team to use – without any hassles. Yobi fit the bill perfectly. Not only did you give us more of what we needed than the big guys offered, but you also eliminated the unnecessary complexities of their offerings.

Marek Laskowski

Nevada Tour Company


Maximize Profitability with a Simple UI That Anyone Can Master

Our AI-enhanced platform is easy-to-use and optimized for efficiency—with everything a top-line team needs. Experience all your conversations, tasks, customer information, and campaigns working together. 

Bring your entire team together under one amazing platform. 

One Voice

Remote teams can now speak with one voice and share communications on one platform—no more messy and unorganized conversations. See it in real time.


Change language, connect apps, create snippets, and more.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Easily automate tasks and repetitive messaging through our Snippets and Task Features.


Rapid Communications

Immediately respond to customers no matter what messaging platform they are on. 

Predictive Selling

Better understand your customers with AI-powered Sentiment Analysis.

We have worked with Yobi for more than 3 Months we are very happy with the service that they provided for our company and we are definitely going to purchase more plans in the future also the team is delightful. I like the summarization feature it will be very helpful for our team to get information whenever they finish their call. 

Yan Benzineb

CEO of 24/7 Healthcare-Staffing

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