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A Great Storyteller is Someone You’d Like to Buy from


Everywhere we go nowadays, we bump into someone trying to sell us “a unique product” or an “outstanding” service. We are bombarded by endless stories of ‘marketers struggling to win our hearts, which is their way to our credit cards. But what makes a great storyteller and successful seller? Besides marketers, there is a different category that can excel at the art of selling.  I find the builders, the owners, and the founders to be the best marketers. If they are not by profession or skill, well they should be!! As the saying goes “moms always know better!! And what could be better than parenting a product for a founder or a builder? 

Here are 5 reasons why I believe they should be best at telling captivating stories which convert prospects into loyal clients in the shortest time with the least expenses. 

1 *They are the strongest believer in the value proposition of the product 

You’ve done your homework and researched the market for what the competition is offering. You crafted your product so that once on the market it’s easily recognized for the added value it brings to a certain category or market segment. So, what inhibits you from being the most ardent advocate shouting loud & high its value proposition? A founder/ builder is someone with vision because they identified what’s already missing on the market and came up with the right solutions or substitutes. Does it mean you should be the only one that highlights the proposition value of your product? Certainly not, but it will always resonate deeper when coming from you. That’s why at a deck, you will be the one presenting 

2*Your journey building is meaningful from personal & professional perspective

Very often ****people try a product out of curiosity after listening to the story behind it. Social media is doing a fantastic job in this regard. Founders can even open up about very personal instances related to the making of the product. 

Both happy & sad moments in a founder’s life could influence the journey meant for the product. Exposing listeners or readers to these stories create a sense of ownership. The next thing you want is to get the product; a weird familiarity is fostered thanks to the narrative. Before you know it, you are a converted customer. 

 3*Showcase your own use of the product 

Founders should praise their product as being a solution to pain points that they encountered themselves. They have the courage to showcase the product in front of the first audience ever. Not an easy task at all if you are hoping to get at least some kind of approval. It is even more difficult if you are pitching investors. Claiming that your product is fit requires belief in it first & foremost. This belief is the bridge between the founder & the first prospects. Somehow, it allows a sense of trust to build up. Adoption is what comes next. A founder’s early adaptors of the product, turn into the most loyal customers. Around these, a solid brand community can see light if well taken care of. 

4 *Project the legacy you intend for the product: 

When founders discuss the future of their product, they solidify their narratives. They make it a public statement of continuity. Thus, the product starts to have a life, past, present & future. 

The best way to give an identity to anything is to picture it as having a life, an existence. Things that exist share with us time, hence they share value & meaning. It is no surprise famous brands came to exist & dominate this very way. 

5*Make comparisons past/present/future a rule 

Nobody expects business beginnings to be easy & founders are good at picturing the difficult moments of the past in the most vivid ways. Their intention is to create a clear contrast. They aim to remind their audience of the rough beginnings. But meanwhile, they draw the adventure awaiting ahead. A story of survival and wins becomes the outcome. When founders plunge you this deep into their narratives, you are won over!!! How to resist the urge to purchase a product wrapped in such stories? You simply fall for it. 

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