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Integrate Yobi WithShopify.

Sync your Shopify contacts with your business phone and start collaborating with your team on customer orders and conversations.


Connect your Shopify page

Adding your Shopify store to Yobi is as fast as it is easy. Finish fast and get back to selling!

Sync Your Contacts

Syncing your Shopify contacts help ensure that you always have the most up-to-date contact list.

Engage More

Try a better way of delivering effective, efficient, and meaningful customer interactions.

Benefits of Yobi's Shopify Integration

All Contacts in One App

Actively grow your contact list and keep an ongoing cycle of customers and prospects.

Fix Opportunities

More opportunities and more chances to grow your business from the inbox and beyond.

Delivery Follow ups

Schedule messages from Yobi to make sure you commit to customer orders.

Improve Relationships

Remember that communication is an essential way to build customer relationships.

Sync Shopify Contacts and Start Communicating More!

Sync Your Shopify Contacts To Yobi

We’ve integrated with Shopify to make your customer communication even easier!

By connecting your Shopify store to your Yobi account, you’ll be able to take advantage of segmented Shopify contact lists, a Shopify action block, an abandoned cart reminder text feature, and more!

Our integration with Shopify is a two-way sync, meaning that if you make edits to your Shopify contacts within Yobi, these changes will flow back to Shopify.


You’re not able to connect more than one Shopify store to your Yobi account at a time. Disconnecting a store and connecting a new one can affect your Yobi integration.

  To get started, login to your Shopify account and go to Shopify App Store.

Integrate Shopify
Integrate Shopify to Yobi

  Search for Yobi and install. After installing you can access the Yobi Shopify dashboard.

  Connect your existing Yobi account (signup HERE if you don’t have one!).

  Add your Shopify customers to your Yobi account on the Import Contacts page.

  Start communicating with your Shopify customers via phone and SMS!

Integrate Shopify
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