Integrate Yobi WithSalesForce

Introduce your Salesforce page to your team and start communicating with your clients faster.

Connect your SalesForce

Create dedicated channels for any project, team, or topic so everyone’s in the loop.

Add Communications to Salesforce

Contact notes and other important details from your calls will be synced into your Salesforce account.

Close Sales Faster

Your Yobi phone contacts and tasks are synced with your Salesforce contacts in real time.

Benefits of Yobi's Salesforce Integration.

Contacts Synced

Any updates made to your business phone contacts sync with Saleforce contacts.

Communication History

Have access to notes, tasks, and internal messages to always be on point with your conversations.

Communications Synced

Bring work together in channels organized by any team, project, or topic.

See Team Member Activity

Access internal team communication, notes, and tasks from your business phone.

With Yobi you can eliminate your phone bill and your phones, and keep your existing number(s) all for about $30/month. That’s right, say goodbye to the phone company and get rid of all your phones! Yobi wants to build its clientele so for a limited time I can get you connected for free, zip, zilch, nada!
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