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Integrate Yobi WithHubSpot.

Integrate HubSpot with Yobi and help your team handle better customer communications.


Connect your HubSpot Account

Sync important contacts to your Yobi account. Keeping all communications in one app.

Record and Make Phone Calls from Yobi

Make and record phone calls to clients saved in your favorite CRM.

Sync your calls with HubSpot

Never lose track of the important history of conversations again.

Benefits of Yobi HubSpot Integration.

Contact Syncing

When a new contact is added to your HubSpot it is automatically synced with your Yobi account.

Calls Synced with HubSpot

CSM Team members can easily see the history of all calls in not only the Yobi app but in HubSpot thanks to the two-way data Sync.

Phone Calls Recorded

Your communications are recorded allowing any team member to stay up to date on topics discussed with all HubSpot contacts.

Respond from Anywhere

Respond to calls or texts anywhere once a contact is synced with Yobi calls will come in and be recorded and synced with HubSpot.

Sync your HubSpot contacts with Yobi and respond to leads and customers anytime, from anywhere.


STEP 1: Installation

Login to your HubSpot account and go to HubSpot Marketplace. On the search bar, type “Yobi App” and click “Install” to install the App.

STEP 2: Connect

Connect your HubSpot account to your Yobi account by clicking the Connect App button:

Hubspot Integration

STEP 3: Authentication

After connecting the app, you will be redirected to a window to set your password.

Hubspot Account Authentication

STEP 4: Authentication

Click on the Yobi authorization link and a new window to login to Yobi will show.

Add your Username and Password for Yobi. Once you’re logged in, now you’re ready to sync!

How Data is Synced Between Yobi and HubSpot

STEP 1: Create a contact on HubSpot

Create A Contact On Hubspot

STEP 2: Send a message or call your HubSpot contact on Yobi

Send A Message Or Call Your Hubspot Contact On Yobi

STEP 3: Go to dashboard and sync call log data by clicking on HubSpot button.

Sync Call Log Data By Clicking Hubspot Button On Dashboard

STEP 4: Check Data Sync

On HubSpot, refresh Contact Activity page and you will see the call log data.

Check Data Sync
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