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AI PoweredTranscription.

Are you a small business owner tired of manually transcribing customer support calls? Let our advanced AI transcription technology do the work for you. Our transcriptions are fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Our AI technology uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze audio and generate written transcriptions. This means that our transcriptions are not only accurate, but also easy to read and understand. With Yobi, you can easily review customer support calls and identify patterns, areas for improvement, and even train your team more effectively.

AI Sentiment Analysis

Monitor customer tone

Stay on top of what customers are saying about your business and respond to any negative feedback or emotions quickly and effectively.

Track changes in sentiment

Identify patterns and trends in customer opinions and make data-driven decisions to improve your business.

Gain more business

Enhance the customer service experience by identifying areas for improvement in conversations.

AI Sentiment Analysis

A Rich Set Of Features

Our service is perfect for small businesses that want to improve their customer support. By transcribing customer support calls, you can gain valuable insights into how your customers are interacting with your business. This can help you identify common issues, pain points, and areas where your team can improve. Additionally, by reviewing the transcriptions, you can also identify ways to improve your product or service. Using our AI-powered transcription service can also help you train your customer support team more effectively. By providing written transcriptions of customer interactions, you can help your team members understand how to handle different types of situations and interactions. Additionally, by reviewing the transcriptions, you can identify areas where team members need additional training and provide targeted coaching. Our service is also great for small businesses that operate in multiple languages. We can transcribe a variety of languages and accents, and our pricing is based on the length of the recording. Don’t waste time and money on listening to phone calls. Let our AI-powered transcription service save you time and increase productivity. With our service, you can gain valuable insights into customer interactions, improve your customer support, and train your team more effectively. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your small business!
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