SMS Messaging Has

Never Been Easier

Deliver and receive SMS messages from around the world on a platform powered by more than 240 direct-to-carrier connections.

Works on all devices

Be on any device,Yobi is there too.

Reduced operational costs

Deliver and receive text messages around the world.

Gain more customers and traction

Engage your customers and drive sales. Write a message or use a snippet, send or schedule at optimal times.

A Rich Set Of Features

Try for free SMS & Voice

Chat with internal and external teams. Yobi supports SMS, MMS, and group messaging.


Every channel includes an open audio line that anyone can join for quick, ad hoc conversations.

Company directory

Search for anyone on your team and send a message, start a meeting, or call with a click.


Bring work together in channels organized by any team, project, or topic.

Status updates

Let the team know when you’re free. Plus, we’ll update your status when you’re on a call or in a meeting.


When calls roll to voicemail, we’ll automatically transcribe those messages for you.

With Yobi you can eliminate your phone bill and your phones, and keep your existing number(s) all for about $30/month. That’s right, say goodbye to the phone company and get rid of all your phones! Yobi wants to build its clientele so for a limited time I can get you connected for free, zip, zilch, nada!
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