Award Winning AI Company

User-Friendly AI ThatWorks Wonders.

The virtual business assistant to be your very first teammate. So, with Yobi, you’re never on your own.

User-Friendly AI That Works Wonders

Yobi Assistant is there always

Get the most out of Yobi with guide from Yobi Assistant.

Empower your conversations

Get help with scheduling appointment reminders, translation, an much more.

Get more done

Save time and get more done with the help of Yobi Assistant.

A Rich Set Of Features

Call Transcriptions

Refer back to conversations if you ever need the dialogue read back to you.


Converse with customers seamlessly and improve relationships.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how you handle conversations and know where to improve.

Full search

Search for anyone on your team and send a message, start a meeting, or call with a click.

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