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Yobi makes it easy to stay on top of your customer conversations, but it also helps you close more sales. By keeping all your customer interactions in one place, you can easily identify their needs and preferences, which means you can tailor your sales pitch just for them. Don’t let missed opportunities cost you sales. 

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Do More With Yobi

Connect your social media channels

See the full customer relationship across all channels and perfect how you support customers.

Reply to texts from your Yobi number

1:1 messaging, team threads, even calls and meetings—it all happens in Yobi.

Gain more customers and traction

Never lose track of important files or conversations again.

A Rich Set Of Features

CRM Integrations

Facebook Messenger

Receive and respond to direct messages from Yobi


Send and receive SMS and chat messages to your Twitter account from Yobi


Be ready for anything your customers need or want Yobi’s Pipedrive channel connections


Bring your team together with Yobi for Slack


Be closer to your WhatsApp customers via Yobi

Microsoft Teams

Stay connected and access shared content any time with Yobi and Microsoft Teams


Start your video meetings from your Yobi account


Respond to leads and customers anytime


Level up your customer support with our Intercom channel connections


Include Yobi in your automated zaps to improve productivity


Get even more out of Shopify with Yobi


Schedule meetings without leaving your Yobi


Deliver outstanding customer service with Yobi integration for Zendesk

BigCommerce (soon)

Use the most trusted commerce solution provider with Yobi

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