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Integrate Yobi WithZoom.

Start Zoom meetings with your phone contacts and enjoy a wide range of other functionalities in one app.

zoom integration yobi

Connect your Zoom

Connect your Zoom account in seconds and share link with contacts.

Streamline Meeting Invites

Enables your team to share a Zoom link without sharing passwords.

Faster Communications

Send a Zoom link from your inbox and save precious minutes logging into another app.

Benefits of Yobi's Zoom Integration.

Generate Meeting Links

Share your Zoom account with your team for access on meeting links.

Engage Leads with a few taps

Hop on a Zoom meeting with a customer with a few taps from one business phone app.

Enrich releationships

Relationships with customers and clients get stronger with good communication.

Meet anywhere

Meet and work together productively face-to-face when meeting in-person isn't possible.

Yobi Allows You to Start Zoom Meetings With Any of Your Contacts From Within the App.

Add your team as users to share contacts and notes on each conversation.

Free Zoom Integratiom

  Login to Yobi with your username and password.

  Go to Settings > Channels and click Zoom Integration. Or go to this link.

  A new screen will ask you to authorize Yobi to connect to your Zoom account.

  Double check and confirm if you are logged in to the correct Zoom account

Authorize Zoom Integration
Integrate Zoom

  Once authorized, you will be redirected back to your Yobi – Integrations page.

  The Zoom integration will show that your accounts are now linked.

  Choose a contact you want to start a Zoom meeting with.

  Click the Zoom icon beside the Call icon.

Generate Zoom Link
Zoom Link Generator

  Copy the Zoom Meeting link and send as a message to a contact.

  Now you can start a Zoom Meeting straight from Yobi!

Integrate Zoom
Zoom Account Integration
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