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Integrate Yobi WithFacebook.

Integrate your Facebook business page with Yobi and get your team respond to your clients faster.


Connect your Facebook page

Create dedicated channels for any project, team, or topic so everyone’s in the loop.

Reply to Facebook Messages from Yobi

1:1 messaging, all without needing to open Facebook Messenger—it all happens in Yobi.

Gain More Customers and Traction

Never lose track of important notes, files, or conversations again.

Benefits of Yobi Facebook Integration.

Facebook Messages

Chat with clients interested in your product or services without ever opening Facebook again.


Leave yourself or a team member notes right after the conversation and only seen by you or your team.


Assign Team members or yourself tasks all in line with the conversation that just took place. Enhancing you client interactions.

Scheduling Responses

Schedule responses for the best time to be in front of your clients.

With Yobi you can send and respond to Facebook Messenger messages in one app.

All customer conversations are viewable/searchable by your entire team. All past conversations are stored under each individual contact.

Mary may respond to an initial inquiry from your business Facebook page one day. Sara then responds to a follow up question a few days later. Both Mary and Sara will be able to view the entire conversation that the customer initiated both through your Facebook Page and all other forms of communication.

Yobi Facebook Integration

  Login to Yobi with your username and password.

  Go to Settings > Channels and click Facebook Integration. Or go to this link.

  A window will pop up to start the Facebook Page integration.

  Double check and confirm if you are logged in to the correct Facebook account that has Admin access to your Facebook Business page.

Confirm Correct Facebook Admin Account Login For Business Page
A New Window Will Show If The Integration Was Successful

  A new window will show if the integration was successful.

Assign Team Member To Conversation By Adding Users To Your Team

  Now you can receive Facebook Messenger messages from customers on Yobi!

  You can also assign a team member to a conversation, make sure to add users to your team.

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