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Ahmed Reza

Founder and CEO of Yobi and Co-Founder of Trephub

Ahmed Reza is the Founder of Yobi, one of the fastest growing AI communication apps for business, and the co-founder of TrepHub, a nonprofit dedicated to building startup ecosystems. Ahmed is a serial entrepreneur with a background in AI and software engineering. After selling his last venture, he realized that small businesses and startups have trouble scaling customer-facing teams like sales and customer service, and that he could build a platform that made it easy for business to successfully build these teams. Yobi is rapidly growing and now has over 11k business clients.

In his effort to source talent and help GROW startup communities around the world, Ahmed built a high-performing team of software engineers IN North Africa and helped accelerate the startup community in Algeria. More startups have also started looking to Algeria with the goal of identifying exceptional talent following Yobi’s lead. Ahmed believes in building local capacity and nurturing strong entrepreneurial culture, so he spent a significant part of last year traveling to North Africa and supporting local leadership. Yobi’s presence in the North African startup scene has been a force multiplier for the community.

What Makes Us

We all come from different places with different strengths and weaknesses. What brings us all together is our common goal of wanting to make Business communication simple.

Our Values

We value our customers just as we know they value theirs. We take serious responsibility over the quality of our product and know how important communication is to a business.

Our Mission

We want to provide the premier unified customer communication platform for businesses. We know if we accomplish this goal, not only will we succeed, our customers will succeed too!

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Meet Our Amazing Team!

Yobi is built by a diverse group of brilliant, hard-working, fun-loving folks.

Meet Our Advisors

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Painless Social Media

Clint Berry

Co-founder, CTO of Weave

Pedram Keyani

Previously Director of Engineering at Uber, Facebook

Keith Donald

Co-founder, Springsource

Join Our Team

Founded by a former NASA engineer, Yobi takes pride in offering reliable and cutting-edge technologies to enhance marketing and communication for small, medium, and large businesses.

Yobi's Culture

We're having fun!
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