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We understand the value of our people and we’d like to introduce you to our family of brilliant, hard-working, fun-loving folks.

Meet the Team!

Our amazing talented engineers, marketers and designers:

ahmed reza yobi


Also founded Dental Web Now, Call Sumo, Review Ninja, TrepHub.

I remember working at a small business when I was a teenager; how difficult it was to take calls and run the business and bring in more customers. With that insight from my first job I started Dental Web Now and then Call Sumo to take the stress out of running a successful business.

My team and I have been talking to businesses about how they use modern telecoms, SMS and social media to bring in new customers and manage their brands. We asked. We listened. And we empathized with their pain points. With Yobi we are streamlining your communication so you can spend more time being great at what you do and making your business awesome. – Ahmed.

ahmed reza yobi
Maro Sciacchitano yobi


Also founded Prevue Medical, Snapdragon Energy

I’ve spent my career building products that help people, so when Ahmed pitched me on his vision for Yobi I was hooked. My product development philosophy centers around designing for human beings first; products have to work for people, not the other way around. This extends to our internal work as well; at Yobi, our people are the center of our product development process.

At Yobi, we’re not just building a product, we’re also building a team that is the foundation of our company. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group of entrepreneurs, and I’m honored to have the privilege of leading my team on this adventure. – Maro

Maro Sciacchitano yobi

Yobi’s Culture

We’re having fun!

Our Advisors

Meet our amazing advisors

Picture of Clint Berry

Clint Berry

Co-founder, CTO of Weave

Ed Zuckerberg

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Painless Social Media

Pedram Keyani

Previously Director of Engineering at Uber, Facebook


Matthew Mengerink

CTO at Thirty Madison, Former VP Uber​, Paypal


Keith Donald​

Co-founder, SpringSource

Founded by a former NASA engineer, Yobi takes pride in offering reliable and cutting-edge technologies to enhance marketing and communication for small, medium, and large businesses. We are constantly expanding into new markets. We have offices in San Jose, CA as well as remote teammates around the globe.

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