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Yobi is built to enable any enterprise to take advantage of AI to augment professionals in sales, marketing, and customer service without hiring an AI team. With a world-class team of scrappy builders, AI developers, and business professionals, we are dedicated to building synthetic AI agents that enable people to work at their best and revolutionize how companies operate.

What Makes Us

We all come from different places with different strengths and weaknesses. What brings us all together is our common goal of wanting to revolutionize how businesses communicate.

Our Values

We value our customers just as we know they value theirs. We take serious responsibility over the quality of our product and know how important communication is to a business.

Our Mission

We want to build the best synthetic AI agents that revolutionize customer communication for businesses. We know if we accomplish this goal, not only will we succeed, our customers will too!

Yobi is built by a diverse group of experts, thinkers, and hackers who take pride in building tools to enhance marketing and communication through reliable technologies and cutting-edge AI.

Meet Our Executive Team

Ahmed Reza

Founder and CEO

Dr. Alla Abdella, PhD

Chief AI Officer

Lisa Bankston

Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Our
Functional Leaders

Judy Aposaga

Chief Of Staff

Zack Costa


Adel Gergab

R&D, DevOps

Chiyoung Kim

Business Development

Marci Voigt


Dhiaeddine Malek

Customer Success

Meet Our Advisors

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Painless Social Media
Clint Berry

Clint Berry

Co-founder, CTO of Weave
Pedram Keyani

Pedram Keyani

Previously Director of Engineering at Uber, Facebook
Keith Donald

Keith Donald

Co-founder, Springsource
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