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Ahmed Reza


Also founded Dental Web Now, Call Sumo, Review Ninja, TrepHub

Hi. I’m Ahmed. I’ve been helping
businesses be successful for years.

I remember when I was a teenager working at a small business. How difficult it was to take calls and run the business and bring in more customers. With that insight from my first job, I started Dental Web Now and then Call Sumo. I created these with the goal of taking the stress out of being a business owner.
My team and I have been talking to businesses about how they use social media to bring in new customers and manage their brands. We asked. We listened. And we empathized with their pain points. With Yobi, our goal is to streamline your social media efforts so you can spend more time making your business awesome. – Ahmed

Who We Are


The Yobi Team with Dr. Ed Zuckerberg of Painless Social Media

Founded by former NASA engineers, Yobi takes pride in offering reliable and cutting-edge technologies to enhance marketing and communication for small, medium, and large businesses. We are constantly expanding into new markets in addition to our strong foothold within healthcare. We have offices in both San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Our Advisors

Ed Zuckerberg
Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Painless Social Media

Matthew Mengerink

Uber, Paypal

Keith Donald


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