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Building bridges: Ahmed Reza’s mission to foster global collaboration in AI

Amhed Reza

The topic of AI regulation has been one that most countries around the world have been discussing over the past year. The development of generative AI models has sparked concerns among experts regarding the potential risks of their deployment. While many countries like Qatar are already developing regulations for AI, experts like Ahmed Reza believe that global collaboration among the entire AI community is necessary.
Reza’s professional career has been closely related to AI and robotics ever since he began developing image-processing software for NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Over the years, he has established himself as a leading voice in the AI industry through many entrepreneurial, educational, and community-building efforts.
“Just like with entrepreneurship, my journey into the world of AI started out of curiosity and passion for pushing my boundaries, “ says Reza, who is the founder and CEO of AI startup Yobi. “Today, my work in AI is all about having a positive impact through a technology that will change the world forever.”
Over the past year, Reza has embarked on a quest to educate the public and other experts on what the AI revolution truly represents for society, the global economy, innovation, and humanity as a whole. A firm believer in the need for global collaboration, Reza has visited countries like the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Japan, and Canada to network and weigh in on topics like the ethics of AI and its financial implications.
“AI is now a technology for the masses that will have an impact on society as big as that of the internet,” explains Reza. “I have been mesmerized by the humility and vision of most of the experts I’ve met during these trips. As an American, it is sensible to learn from other regions’ approaches to AI to gain a better understanding of what the future holds.”
Reza recently interacted with Middle East leaders in late May as part of an AI seminar. The event was a great chance for leaders in the industry, policymakers, and researchers from both regions to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in productive discussions. Topics like AI regulation, entrepreneurship, industry disruption, and the social implications of AI were on the agenda.
“With the AI revolution upon us, we must come together as a global community to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities the technology presents,” added Reza. “Opportunities like this one are essential if we want to develop a global perspective that allows us to leverage the collective wisdom we have acquired over the past century.”
Having co-founded TrepHub, one of the biggest entrepreneurial communities in the United States, Reza already has a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. During his trips to the Middle East, Reza has aimed to extend his support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs in the region while also inspiring regional leaders to do the same.
“It is important to remember how the companies that are now shaping the AI space started and where they are now. They were passion projects by talented individuals who were given a chance to change the world,” concludes Reza. “In the Middle East, we are witnessing a similar wave of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in AI. The region needs to ensure that AI pioneers have the necessary support, resources, and opportunities to unleash their potential.”

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