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Here’s Where to See Ahmed Reza Speak at SXSW

Here’s Where to See Ahmed Reza Speak at SXSW

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world, and Yobi is one of the fastest-growing companies utilizing that technology. The company, founded by Ahmed Reza, uses AI to revolutionize the way small businesses operate by streamlining communication, unifying teams, and driving business. Reza is also the co-founder of TrepHub, a nonprofit dedicated to building startup ecosystems.


Reza’s entrepreneurial journey began with selling incense and oils at a festival, and it has blossomed into something spectacular. He has grown his own companies and helped to grow startup communities around the world. That includes building a team of software engineers in North Africa and helping accelerate the startup community in Algeria.


During his journey as an entrepreneur, Reza came to understand the challenges small businesses and startups face when scaling customer-facing teams, including sales and customer service. Thus Yobi was born with the goal of making it easy for these businesses to build the teams they need to succeed.


Reza will be sharing his perspective on growing startup communities and businesses during his talk at Grit Daily House during SXSW. The talk will take place on March 11th at 4:30 PM CT and is titled: How Can Austin Lead the Market for Tech Talent.


The belief in building strong local startup communities is something Reza is incredibly passionate about. It is why he has spent significant time traveling across North Africa, helping to build local capacity and nurture a strong entrepreneurial culture. Combined with his strong background in AI and software engineering, he is the ideal person to speak on the subject of growing tech talent.


In addition to his appearance on stage at Grit Daily House, Reza will be recording a podcast episode along with Katie Canales of Business Insider. It is something you’ll want to check out.


Mark Zuckerberg’s father, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, serves as a strategic advisor to oral healthcare startups as part of Yobi. Dr. Zuckerberg has praised Ahmed and Yobi for solving a “major challenge by connecting multiple communications in one app.”


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