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How Ahmed Reza’s Yobi Is Creating AI-Powered Clones


Movies like The MatrixReady Player One, and Tron have tantalized millions of people around the world with the notion of a world where reality and simulation intertwine. This fascination has since evolved from a fantasy into a guiding light for technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Now, AI visionary Ahmed Reza is harnessing this allure to propel digital communications into a new dimension.

Founded by Reza in 2018, Yobi is a California-based startup developing AI-powered tools to help businesses of all sizes improve the efficiency of their communications. One of these tools is the startup’s synthetic agents (synths), AI-based digital entities capable of performing tasks and interacting in a human-like manner. As these agents can be trained to replicate the communication patterns and personalities of any given person, they effectively operate as digital clones who can communicate on behalf of its user.


“Imagine being able to be in multiple places, having diverse interactions, and managing numerous tasks simultaneously, all without breaking a sweat,” explains Reza, who has been part of the AI community for over two decades. “Our platform makes this possible by allowing you to create an army of digital clones that behave and communicate just like you.”


Originally designed to help customer service teams deal with large volumes of information and interactions, Yobi’s synths have become increasingly sophisticated. Already highly integrable with popular platforms like Facebook, Zoom, Zendesk, and HubSpot, Yobi’s synths are also now able to handle complex marketing and sales tasks. This versatility and its powerful natural language processing capabilities have made Yobi an increasingly popular communications platform across multiple industries.

“Synths are not limited to mimicking you but are also able to learn, adapt, and evolve based on real-time data, becoming more efficient as time goes by,” adds Reza. “This, combined with instant translation, sentiment analysis, data analysis, and lighting fast-processing capabilities, results in a super employee that is the best of two worlds.”

Yobi has experienced rapid growth following a successful seed funding round that saw it raise over $2.3 million back in February. In addition to financial support from notable investors like IRA Capital and Charles Annenberg Weingarten, Yobi also has the backing of strategic advisors like Dr. Edward Zuckerberg.


“To be super successful with anything, you must develop a concept that disrupts the whole industry,” said Dr. Zuckerberg back in February. “That’s what Ahmed has done with Yobi, and it’s part of why I have immense admiration and respect for him and great appreciation for what he created.”

As envisioned by Yobi, the future promises a landscape where AI can become an extension of ourselves rather than a tool. Spearheaded by Reza, this paradigm change could be just what is needed to redefine human-machine collaboration but also to help AI fulfill its true purpose: making our lives better.

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