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Making the best of an Instagram Page for Your Small business


Experts predict small businesses will see the most growth soon. The current environment favors steady growth opportunities and statistics point out that small businesses have the potential to outperform large firms and corporates. Thanks to several factors, building solid customer bases and quick ROI is attainable. These businesses, however, need a good go-to-market strategy. They need to focus on exposing their products & services to the right audience. One way to do it is to show up at the right time and on the right platforms. The last point to reckon with is the communication tools that keep all of it spinning the right way.  Here comes the pinch of salt my blog adds today. Well, Instagram can do a lot for your business, and below is a brief list of great benefits.  Recent research showed a common buying trend among Instagrammers. It is estimated that over 50% of platform users purchase a product or service after being exposed to it. Instagram encourages consumption in an unprecedented way; its users’ demographic is to a great extent the reason behind this pattern. We have people aged 25 to 35 making up 30% (April 2022 statistics) of the 1.2 billion users. Small businesses must be where this category of active buyers spend their money on copying one another and most importantly following influencers & brands. This contagious phenomenon of mimicking the rest of the band is an advantage that can accelerate sales tremendously. Derek Sivers, a TED Talk speaker explains this in a very persuasive, yet funny way. He says that the start of a movement needs an initiator of course, but its survival is dependent on the rapidity of the first followers and their display of strong adherence. The latter, when keeping the bar high, will attract more people to the group compared to when those bystanders and observers would make a minority, and guess what? They’ll eventually join in out of fear of being left behind. No one wants to be the outcast, human nature!!!! Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes, indeed! Nowadays, that’s how trends are born. But how is all this relevant to making the best of your business Instagram page? Easy!!!! Think of it this way. What makes any first customers actively engaged is primarily the way your business excels at communicating with them (my pinch of salt is here at last) 

The faster you respond, the more satisfied the client is. A loyal relationship gets to build binding the two parties, driving in more customers, hopefully, the imitator kind 😉 But since customers are becoming increasingly demanding in this regard, businesses must figure out how to maintain effective communication Responding on your Instagram page will make you lose those impatient customers reaching out to you via other channels. Here exactly comes Yobi, our phone app that allows you to be on top of it. Having a Yobi account where you can instantly receive and respond to calls, text messages, and social media messages from one spot. There is no delay, no hopping between several apps on your mobile . Yobi allows you to have a professional business phone number for calls & SMS texts; it integrates with Instagram which means on your Yobi account the messages Instagram are shown and you can reply to them right from there. All your business messages getting to your Yobi number will be listed in the same column with indications of their respective origin. Get a Yobi number, start making the best of your Instagram page, and be the fastest-responding business. Don’t miss out on any Instagram feeds. Yobi gives a real boost to your Instagram business page. We know that Instagramers love all that is done fast! Yobi makes you do everything faster than your competitors. Learn more about all our Integrations and how we bring it all to one place. Your business grows fast when exposed to the most dynamic digital markets.Time to be on every & each platform thanks to our integrations.

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