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AI-Powered Communications That Boost Sales

Reimagine top-line processes with a centralized communications platform coupled with CRM integrations, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, Social Media management, Transcriptions, and Translations, purpose-built for collaboration with your business teams under one amazing platform.

Maximize Profitability with a Simple UI That Anyone Can Master

Develop Marketing Mavericks


Turbocharge your Sales Team


Power Up Customer Service Teams


Introducing Yobis. Your New Super-Powered You.

Yobis are AI-powered synthetic agents that streamline day-to-day communications for your employees and undergo gradual training to become the ultimate mirror reflections of your best employees, even surpassing their capabilities. 

Deploy Your Own AI Synth Agent

Embrace the might of our AI synthetic agents, forged by the incredible power of Yobi technology. Behold, the mighty YOBIS! They possess the strength to shape an even more superior version of yourself, transcending the limits of ordinary existence. With their superpowers, YOBIS stand ready to tirelessly execute your mission, tirelessly serving as your alter ego 24×7. Unlock your full potential and conquer the world with the unrivaled prowess of these extraordinary agents!


Frequently Asked Questions

We employ generative AI to create a virtual you that is effective in messaging customers and prospect using your personalized communication patterns.  We call these virtual agents “AI Synths”.  Our high-quality communications platform allows business owners and executives to effortlessly experiment and improve messaging for enhanced performance, conversions, and return on investment.

AI-powered content enhances marketing performance through personalization, targeted advertising, content creation and optimization, customer insights, chatbots for customer support, and predictive analytics. It enables marketers to deliver tailored experiences, optimize campaigns, gain insights, and improve customer interactions.

Our Yobis are constantly learning and have made significant progress in sounding like humans, but they may not always be indistinguishable. While they can generate impressive communications, there may still be slight inconsistencies or less natural-sounding language. Improvements are ongoing, but achieving complete human-like conversation remains our goal.


Our AI-powered platform streamlines communication between vendors, sales, and marketing teams. Sales can easily provide feedback to improve messaging and align marketing efforts with sales goals. Achieve consistent messaging across all channels.
Yan Benzineb​
CEO of 24/7 Healthcare-Staffing
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