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The intelligent man’s Forrest Gump: Ahmed Reza, founder, and CEO of Yobi

The intelligent man’s Forrest Gump Ahmed Reza, founder, and CEO of Yobi

Today’s guest is Ahmed Reza, who has quite an exciting story! Ahmed started his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur as a child actor in Bangladesh.

From there, he would become a Milken scholar at Cornell University while homeless, an engineer at NASA, and eventually a successful small business entrepreneur multiple times. Ahmed founded Yobi, where he now serves as CEO; it is a company that merges all the ways customers can communicate with small businesses into a straightforward app for excellent customer relationship management (CRM).

He is also the intelligent man’s Forrest Gump who formed a close relationship with the man behind his scholarship, Michael Milken as a student and with Mark Zuckerberg’s dad Dr. Edward Zuckerberg while working at a dental start-up and dressed in a sumo suit at a convention. Yes, you read that correctly. Tune in to find out more about Ahmed’s intriguing and unconventional journey.

Hear why he is so passionate about the 38 million small businesses in the U.S., why he is excited about transforming the customer experience for small businesses, and how AI has played a tremendous role in streamlining communications and making everything more seamless. We can guarantee that Ahmed is a guy you will want to know personally by the end of this episode.

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