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Yobi Weaves Together All Your Conversations AND The Right People In One Place!

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All Conversations In One Place

With Yobi you can make calls, send SMS messages and respond to Social Media messages in one app.
Conversations with clients, followers, and leads are viewable and searchable by your entire team. You will never miss important messages or calls, listen to call recordings and get up to date in no time.
Mary may respond to an initial inquiry from Facebook Messenger one day, while Sara responds to a follow up question on Twitter a few days later. By the time you receive a call from the same lead, you can view the entire conversation that customer had with your business. 
  • Yobi is Cloud native – meaning it lives online, works anywhere on any device

  • We have downloadable apps for desktop (Windows & Mac) and mobile (iOS & Android) for all your devices

  • Find your conversations quickly and listen to past call recordings at any time

  • Ensure quality of service by always being up to date on customer concerns or requests

  • By adding your team as users on your Yobi,  teamwork, customer service, and sales are improved

  • No need to sign in or download other apps. Once integrated, you can respond to DMs from Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more

Yobi App Mobile Version

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