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Yobi Adds Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis

Yobi Adds Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis

Yobi, providers of a customer communication app, has launched Yobi Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis.

Yobi Translator lets users translate English to Spanish and English to French and facilitate real-time communication in various languages. Call Sentiment Analysis helps companies identify areas for improvement in conversations.

“Our AI Call Sentiment Analysis feature allows business owners to improve customer experiences from the communications had during customer conversations,” said Ahmed Reza, CEO and founder of Yobi, in a statement. “With the addition of the Yobi Translator, overcoming communication barriers with audiences from different parts of the world and team collaboration is made easy. Also, translating languages with insights from Call Sentiment Analysis allows businesses to keep the emotion of the original context and provoke the appropriate reaction and response. It enables businesses to avoid robotic-like communication, which can be stiff and unreliable. We’re thrilled that these added technologies will help us elevate the Yobi app so businesses and their customers can benefit from the best CRM experience.”

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