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Synthetic Agents designed to elevate your sales, marketing, and customer support to a new level of efficiency and connectivity.

Yobi’s Features

Live Transcription and Summary

Live transcription feature, offers real-time transcriptions from spoken audio, enhancing call management and review. A unique benefit is the ability to intervene in live calls based on the transcribed text, empowering users to address customer needs proactively. Additionally, it provides after-call summaries, aiding in identifying improvement areas and training opportunities.

Sentiment Analysis

At Yobi, we simplify customer sentiment tracking through advanced NLP and machine learning, enabling you to understand and enhance customer satisfaction effectively. This tool allows real-time monitoring for customer tone during calls within Yobi, monitoring insights to address feedback, improving loyalty and response strategies.

Al with a Human in the Loop

Control Modes in Yobi give users two distinct ways to manage their interactions with synthetic agents. In Co-pilot mode, you’re in the driver’s seat with the AI acting as an advisor; it provides recommendations that you can choose to follow, giving you direct control over the interaction. Autopilot mode, on the other hand, lets the AI take full control of the communication. It uses established rules and its understanding of past interactions to handle conversations on its own, freeing you up to focus on other tasks.

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Why Yobi?

Our Synthetic Agents for Your Industry

Health Care

Yobi provides innovative solutions for healthcare organizations by automating administrative tasks, improving patient care, and increasing operational efficiency. Using advanced technology, Yobi simplifies appointment scheduling, manages patient inquiries, and organizes medical records, allowing healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care.

Call Centers

Yobi’s AI agents help revolutionize call centers by automating routine tasks, enhancing customer interactions, and improving operations. With AI-powered agents, Yobi efficiently handles call routing, customer inquiries, and provide timely resolutions to issues, reducing wait times and delivering exceptional customer service.

Doctor standing


Yobi provides essential support to dental practices by automating administrative tasks, facilitating patient communication, and improving productivity. Yobi’s AI agents will help improve scheduling appointments, manages patient questions, and improving patient engagement, giving dental team members time back to help deliver exceptional patient care.


Yobi’s AI agents are helping businesses in hospitality by automating guest communications, streamlining operations, and enhancing guest experiences. With AI-powered agents, Yobi efficiently handles booking inquiries, reservation management, and guest requests, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for guests.

Automate your business

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available to integrate, your team’s favorite tools are just a click away.


Simple answers to big questions.

Yobi is an advanced Synthetic Agent unified communication platform, designed to revolutionize marketing, sales, and customer support for businesses. Think of having a synthetic agent as your very first team member, tirelessly streamlining your communication efforts.

Absolutely! Yobi is accessible across all devices, including a web app, desktop app, and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. To ensure Yobi is always at your fingertips, you can download it from the App Store, Google Play, or directly for desktop use via our main menu under “Resources.”

Yobi offers various pricing tiers, starting at $300/month for our synthetic agents. We aim to provide value-driven solutions to enhance your business communications. If you wish to use Yobi as an AI-powered communication platform, plans start at $25/month.

With Yobi, you’re always in control. We are proud to offer a unique ‘human in the loop’ system, featuring both co-pilot and autopilot modes for synthetic agent communication. Whether you prefer to monitor synthetic agent suggestions closely or let it autonomously handle interactions, Yobi adapts to your communication style, learning and mimicking it over time.

Initially, we encourage you to upload comprehensive data about yourself or your business. This foundational information trains your synthetic agent, which can be continually enhanced by adding or updating content. This ensures your synthetic agent evolves in alignment with your communication needs.

Indeed, Yobi can replicate your voice, allowing your synthetic agent to make or answer calls indistinguishably from you. This feature adds a personal touch to automated communications.

Yobi seamlessly integrates with a wide range of services including HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoom, Zendesk, Slack, and many more, enriching your communication ecosystem.

 Yes, Yobi currently supports integration with Gmail and Outlook, enabling streamlined email communications directly through the platform.

Absolutely! Yobi allows you to connect with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, facilitating direct posts from your Yobi account to your social media platforms.

Your synthetic agent is exceptionally adaptable, proficient in managing a wide range of communication channels including phone calls, SMS, social media interactions, and inquiries via your website’s chat widget. This capability guarantees that every opportunity for engagement with your audience is captured and utilized.

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