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A First –Time Manager? Strategies & Hacks to Ace It.

A First Time Manager Strategies & Hacks to Ace It

As a first-time manager, you can feel that the transition from a team member to a team manager is very challenging. For those who didn’t have any prior management positions, their adaptation to the new role will require more efforts. I have been there at an early phase of my professional career & that’s why I am sharing with you some techniques to get a smoother move to the position of a manager. There are also few psychological hacks that I highly recommend to help you successfully fulfil your new tasks of a manager.

Setting clear expectations:

Start by getting clear insights on the expectations for your team. It is crucial that you understand what is expected in terms of delivery prior to you trying to pass it on the team. Second, make sure to clearly communicate these expectations. This will allow everyone on the team to see what is set to be accomplished and how they will get it done. I advise you to break down the goals into specific tasks. This will keep everyone focused. You end up intervening less, and that’s in your favor.

Address conflicts timely:

Conflicts arise within any team, you ‘ve been around enough to know that. But a great team manager will address them as soon as possible. Remind yourself that you can’t handle conflicts appropriately through the lenses of a team member. Get in the mindset of a manager, listen to both sides of the conflict and strive to reach the best solution. Last thing you may want as a newly appointed manager is helping a toxic environment settle within the team due to you not addressing conflicts appropriately.

Foster from start an open communication:

Make foundations for trust through transparency. Make it a rule to communicate openly with all the team. They will follow your lead and speak, share their ideas, and most importantly express their concerns. Team meetings are the best opportunity where all this can happen. I noticed that managers who combine open communication to giving constructive feedback did very well from the very start. When you give both positive and negative feedback, it creates trust between you and the team. It reflects your integrity and honesty.

Be the first to celebrate success:

You want a team with a strong morale and high motivation? Be the one who brings in the great news and don’t be afraid of celebrating your team’s successes. At times, the success is individual, so just go for recognizing it openly. The achievements of anyone on the team is in many ways that of the entire team. Be sure that by acting as such, you’ll be confirming a deep sense of belonging. This in itself is a key element in fostering strong bonds with team members.

Lead by example:

Volumes have been written on this point. I can’t emphasize it enough! Be the best version of yourself and the one you aspire everyone on the team to reflect. Get over the thought of not being good enough to truly be able to show the best you can. The ultimate consequence is that you will aspire the rest to follow.

Now, we can add to the above-mentioned strategies, these simple psychological hacks to win over your team effortlessly. Psychologists encourage you to adopt positive reinforcement. Don’t be shy, get creative looking for rewards to give the team as they accomplish whatever goals. Remember, it’s not about the value of the reward, it’s the psychological impact we need to create. Many studies have also pointed out at the pivotal role empathy can play in solidifying teams. As a new team manager, you will certainly need to prove to your team that you are capable of showing empathy. Your attitude and reactions to their feelings and perspectives has to reflect empathy. You can be sure that the sense of belonging and trust are strengthened in this case.

My last tip to leave you with & my most favorite is using humor. When humor is used in appropriate ways it builds rapport and creates relaxed atmospheres. It is a part of thigs that remind us of our humanity 😊

Oh, just make sure you sound genuine while using these hacks, there is no point in doing them to look like a manipulative first-time manager!

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