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How Can Solopreneurs Stay On Top Of Customer Relationships Management


When you’re a solopreneur in this day & time, it’s very difficult to manage your business successfully. Very often, you can feel standing alone in the face of a merciless world. Almost every aspect of your business gets more complex & difficult to run. But managing customer relationships could be the toughest part among all the rest. On one hand, it’s a time-related issue. You never get to have enough hours a day to finish all that’s on your hands. On the other hand, you are short-manned and most certainly lack resources other businesses do have. Well, It can’t be all doom & gloom. Technology has been on our side & software industry has gone far enough to provide us with super apps that can help manage customer relationships in an amazing way. Here are five reasons why a CRM app can back up your small business efficiently. Customer relationship management will no more be your worst nightmare.

1/ keep track of your customer’s needs effortlessly. 

Using an app that allows you better customer tracking means you are clear about all your customers at any time. Having an interaction history with each customer at a click, helps you gain time & insight. A simple example would be an existing customer who reaches back to you after weeks or even months since their last call, or text. You have all the necessary data of past interactions instantly. It is always a great user experience for your clients when they are not asked to regurgitate details from past interactions with your business. A less annoyed customer is a happy customer. Happy experiences make anybody get back to that same place. 

2 Ease of use:

 We can’t expect every business owner to be a geek, not even to be a techy person. That’s why the best CRM apps are simple to use & very intuitive. This speeds up the familiarization with the tool. The shorter time a business owner spends experimenting & using the app, the better reliance they build on it. This leads them to grow very confident while interacting with customers. This fosters a great feeling of being in control. When you have technical control over business communication, you are more focused on what matters most; your clients’ needs.

3 Contacts From all Channels on One Spot :

A great app centralizes your customers’ communications. It allows them to reach out to your business from every communication platform they may be using. It makes their messages, calls….etc gather in one spot. You’ll be saving a crazy amount of time and energy. Well, keeping calm through rush times would be a very welcomed bonus too. Think of it this way, you are not moving between different social media platforms to respond to clients; being on one of them & thinking to go check on the rest. As a one-man band, you have just 2 hands 😉 The app that puts you everywhere at the same time, is giving you more arms & hands 😉 

4 Get more confident communicating with new leads. 

Every business owner stresses over how to gain more new leads & convert them into customers. When you are the only person handling communications with clients you are in a very disadvantaged position if several conversations happen at the same time. Your brain may go spinning to decide whose conversation to take first. Is it the new lead just inquiring about something or the other person who is an existing customer? The dilemma can get worse when you have new leads reaching out to you at the same time & you can’t tell who’s best-taken care of first. Not a funny situation to be in 🙁 Well, new leads tend to have almost the same kind of inquiries as a start. And because the business owners can predict them out of experience, they can always have ready answers stored to be used at a click. The common questions & requests receive these ready answers & the owner takes care of more elaborate inquiries. Needless to mention how much time could be saved this way. Less panic keeps the rush under control & the clients & the new leads are happy with the service. 

5 Planning ahead communication: 

Few things could be more annoying than receiving a business communication at the wrong moment. Customers nowadays are spoilt, they got used to be well taken care of. To stand out amidst fierce competition, of course, you don’t want to fall short of meeting their expectations. One thing a great CRM app can provide you with is the feature of scheduled messages. You simply write your message, assign to it the exact time you need it sent and there you go! Your workflow gains more organization. You eliminate or at least reduce forgetfulness to a great degree. Maybe the best thing about it is that you plan it in a way to guarantee the best reception time for your clients. Again, think how you felt when a text message got to your phone at 3 am & because you forgot that day to turn off notifications, the sound of it woke you up. Unable to get back to sleep, your next day is already ruined; lacking sleep & grumpy you wished that text message was never sent. What an awful experience😞 As a solo entrepreneur, you know that customer relationship are the lifeblood of your business. You should figure out which communication tools to use for an outstanding customer service since your customer relationship management can make or break your business at its very early stages. And because Solopreneurs are known to excel by giving it their best shot, they should equip themselves with what makes them go the extra mile while remaining remain top performers. In this regard, the Yobi app for business communication is the most adequate platform. Use it for your business communications & be sure that no customer will ever doubt that behind the scenes, it’s just one performer. Yobi is the best partner your business can ever have. Click now Integration Apps Or Getting started with Yobi You are no more Solo! A great team is behind you!

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