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Yobi - A Super App for the Modern Workplace

Yobi is a cutting-edge AI company that employs digital synthetic agents called Yobis to create a new kind of employee—one that can handle tasks related to sales, customer service, and marketing.

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UtilizingArtificial Intelligence

Yobi simplifies communication channels and assists teams in managing large volumes of information. These synths function as super-employees, enabling individuals to perform tasks that would typically be beyond their abilities and make more informed decisions.

Unlimited SMS & Voice

Securely respond to customers or chat with your team from anywhere with your business phone number.

Recorded & Analyzed

All calls and texts are recorded, transcribed, and rated for sentiment analysis. Call forwarding and voicemail options are included.

Sync & Organize

Simplify your business by syncing all your contacts and communication channels. Sync with Outlook, Hubspot, Shopify, and more.

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Integration of AI technology

Yobi provides exceptional business tools that improve the overall communication experience, allowing teams to streamline communication channels, enhance productivity and grow top-line revenue.

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team chat phone

EfficientTeam Flow.

YOBI introduces a new team dynamic to business communications. Our framework allows remote teams of all sizes to appear as one voice.

Alert Team Members

Assign tasks and chat internally with your team. Get instant notifications by integrating with your CRM, Zapier, or Slack.

Yobi Assistant

Learn how AI can help your business by engaging with your Yobi Assistant.

Manage Tasks

Internal Only communications allow you to tag an assistant or team member with an action item or important note.

Analytics & Reporting

Are your calls getting better? Review your performance over time and create goals within Analytics.

Seamless Service

Teams can now communicate and operate as one entity, improving responsiveness and customer retention.


Every integration unlocks more potential for your business within Yobi. Check out our integrations list to view the benefits.

Yobi® Honored as Bronze Stevie® Award Winner in 2023 American Business Awards® For Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution: Best Use of AI & Machine Learning

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Middle East and West have much to learn from each other to unleash AI’s potential, expert Reza says

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has long recognized artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the most emerging technologies..
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Ahmed Reza Urges Middle East Leaders To Partner With AI Industry

Ahmed Reza urges Middle East leaders to work together with the AI industry

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Ahmed Reza: AI Set to Disrupt Capital Markets From Within

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Ahmed Reza On Creating A Successful App

Yobi’s Ahmed Reza On 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Highly Successful App

There are millions of apps out there. Many are very successful, but most are not. ...
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Europe vs the US: Ahmed Reza’s Insights on the AI Dominance Race and Regulatory Approaches

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CX Leader Yobi Announces AI-Powered Text Reformat Tool

CX Leader Yobi Announces AI-Powered Text Reformat Tool

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3 Ways You Can Reduce Business Costs Using A.I.

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The AI revolution in customer service: How Yobi helps businesses work smarter, not harder

The AI revolution in customer service: How Yobi helps businesses work smarter, not harder

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Here’s Where to See Ahmed Reza Speak at SXSW

Here’s Where to See Ahmed Reza Speak at SXSW

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The intelligent man’s Forrest Gump Ahmed Reza, founder, and CEO of Yobi

The intelligent man’s Forrest Gump: Ahmed Reza, founder, and CEO of Yobi

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Predictions on How Generative AI Will Improve Customer Service

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Yobi introduces Call Summarization to identify key customer insights

Yobi, the customer communication app for businesses designed to enhance customer relationship management (CRM), is ...
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San Jose-based Yobi enlists help from Mark Zuckerberg’s dad for its small business phone app

Ahmed Reza is tapping the advice of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dad and advances in ...
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The Funded: New unicorns have become very, very rare

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Foley Represents Yobi in Seed Financing

Foley & Lardner LLP recently represented Yobi, the AI-focused customer communications app catering specifically to ...
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Yobi, the AI enhanced Communication App for SMBs, Announces $2.37M Seed Funding

Yobi, the AI-focused customer communications app catering specifically to the small business community, announced that ...
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How Can I Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) In My Small Business?

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Yobi Adds Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis

Yobi Adds Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis

Yobi, providers of a customer communication app, has launched Yobi Translator and Call Sentiment Analysis. ...
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Startups Win Talent, But Founders Wary Of Big Tech Hires

Amid the largest layoffs in Big Tech history, startups are having unprecedented success hiring top talent. But founders are still skeptical about hiring Big Tech employees.

When Ahmed Reza found out about the layoffs and employing freezes at Facebook, Amazon, and ...
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Building Meaningful Communications Through Democratizing AI

Building Meaningful Communications Through Democratizing AI

Large companies have had access to artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time and have ...
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Ahmed Reza Yobi founder

Tech Entrepreneur Leveraging AI to Bring All Communications into One Platform with Founder Ahmed Reza | Ep 582

Ahmed Reza is the Founder of Yobi, one of the fastest growing AI communication apps for ...
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